Animal Healthcare

Health Care of Cattle, Goat & Pig

Regular feeds become functional or balanced when it is  included with specific nutrients as supplements  & control  livestock  growth  & manages  diseases. Balanced feed could be constituted with appropriate supplements like Probiotics / prebiotics, herbal ingredients, minerals, vegetative fat, proteins which are indispensable for normal physiological & biochemical activities. It  improve immune system of cattle, goat & pig.

Compare to the synthetic supplements  our  supplement products for cattle, Goat & pig are organic safe &  eco -friendly, processed with  Pro &  prebiotic- prebiotic & herbal extracts. Products as   supplements are doing  the modulation & balance the gastrointestinal (GI) microbiota. It stimulates appetite & boosts digestive enzyme formation, accelerating the rumen function.

Cattle, goat & pig mainly, lactating ruminants   need sufficient energy to be rejuvenate &  capable of high milking with development of body structure.

Synbiotic Organics develop a range of health care products for domestic animals.


Health Care For  Poultry

Poultry  is  a growing  industry  all over the world which producing  meat & eggs of proteins.

Poultry yields broiler as meat & eggs which need to be fed a hues quantity of food, containing  protein & fats .Minerals & other supplements provide the proper up take for  meat as feed & help to do the maximum  yield.  Animals eat to acquire the energy & build up their body .Along with regular feeds ,specific nutrients as supplements,  provide the  required energy  to grow in terms of  bone, flesh, feathers, and eggs properly & with immune system.. A range of organic /pro-pro-prebiotic /mineral/ protein based feed supplements we have been introduced as the solutions of specific nutrition & disease managements of poultry. All of our poultry supplements are residue free & eco-friendly.

Health Care of Aquaculture

Growth, health and reproduction of inland fish including common carp & prawn are primarily depend upon an adequate supply of nutrients,. In general, regular feed may not  with  required specific nutrients which  could be supplied  through the addition of specific supplements. Balance diet could do better  yield both,  quantity and quality

We are with a wide range of  organic pro-prebiotic ,mineral &  protein based supplements which are imperative for aqua nutrition & disease control.


Health Care of Pet Animals

Pet animals, dog & cats are often infested by parasites, causes a serious health disorder, even become fatal. Different types of worms are the common parasites, found internally even externally also. We have introduced a organic herbal based  health care water soluble powder product which control  all the types of worms in pet.