Selenium is an essential trace element  plays a key role for the normal growth of poultry. Compare to the synthetic, organic  selenium, having no residual effects & it  is better alternative in poultry  nutrition. Inability of producing selenium in body, chick needs  a outsource of selenium which  is necessary to get a maximum yield of poultry produces.

SeleYest is a premium product processed  through Yeast fermentation along with Vitamin E is well appraised by poultry farmers.

Product Features

Composition Yeast Selenium 1000 ppm Probiotic Yeast 10% Prebiotics 10% Vitamin E 1% Consumable & water 80% Soluble Carrier Stimulates cell metabolism Protect from Environmental Stress like Hot & Cold Protect from environmental stress ( Hot & cold) Improve FCR in Broiler & egg yield in Layer.
Application Recommended to use in poultry & aqua culture
Usage & Dosage Broiler- 10 gm/100 Bird/ I lit.water Or 250 gm/ MT Regular feed. Grower / Layer-5 gm/100 Birds/lit water Or 150 gm / MT Regular feed Aqua Culture-150 gm / 1 Acre/Season
Packing Size 250 gm / bulk packing in HDPE pouch & bags are available

Product Description

All the living body including poultry needs Selenium but poultry birds  enable  to produce it . Synthetic selenium as  selenite  use  is conventional leaving residues which harm for internal  tissue of poultry as well as  consumers . But  yeast based selenium  SeleYeast is completely absorbable  by bird cells without any residual effects . SeleYeast  act as antioxidant & is a source of protein, fat  with vitamin E  help  bird  to be immune &  grown  properly.

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Recommended to be used as  supplement  mixing with  feed or drinking water to Broiler, Layer & Aqua