Pet  animals ,mainly dog & cat  are generally infested by worms. Worms are parasite & grow at the cost of pets nutrients inter & externally. Conventional use of synthetic means proved to be harmful as  it  damages  the internal tissues.

WormKil l is a unique formulation  of probiotics & a combination of medicinal herbs.

Product Features

Benifits De worms to all types of parasites in pet.. Improve digestibility, absorption. Increase body weight of pet. Improve gastrointestinal disturbances. Increase red blood cells & reduce anemia. Maintain the delicate intestine of Dog & Cat.
Benifits Benifits
Usage & Dosage Adult Dog or Cat : @ 10 gm to be used with regular feed. Puppy & Kitten : @ 3-5 gm to be used with regular feed or drinking water.
Packing Size 100g packing is available in HDPE bottle.

Product Description

WormKill  is  a water soluble powder based  feed supplement having no side effects. It  is processed  through fermentation of herbal extract  mix & probiotics. Its herbal part  prevent / kill the worm internally & probiotic  modulates the microbiota  in pet intestine . In turn it provides immune ,vitamins & antioxidants  to the pets.

Product is recommended to use  by mixing  with regular feed or  drinking water to pets.