Cattle need energy along with calcium sufficiently to build body structure & milk production. Conventional feeds lacking contents providing required energy.
AmritRasayan contains principally bypass fat which is the source of energy. It substituting regular feed with energy & calcium. Mineral contents of product plays a vital role of physio & biochemical activity of animal.
Galactogogue help cattle to improve quantity & quality of milk.

Product Features

Composition It is a combination of bypass fat, Yeast, Calcium, mineral mixture & galactogogule.
Benifits Excellent Source of energy. Improves milk yield & fats contents Improves body weight. Help in bone formation Improve fermentative digestion of ruminants Reduce heat stress Safe & eco friendly
Usage & Dosage AmritaRasayan is recommended for cattle along with regular feed every day. Cow : 75 --100 gm /day for adult & 50 gm/day for calf. Buffalo : 100-150 gm/ day for adult & 50 gm/ day for calf. Goat : 50 gm/ day for adult & 25 gm/ day for calf. Pig : 50-75 gm/ day for adult & 25 gm/ day for piglet
Packing Size 1 kg, 5 kg, 30 kg packing are available in HDPE pouch & bags.

Product Description

AmritRasayan, a unique powder based product provides multiple benefits to cow, buffalo, goats & pigs. It is processed with 100% pure bypass fat of vegetable origin, calcium & mineral which keeping pH unchanged in the animal rumen,

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