Often cattle are being fatigue due to excessive physiological performances which in turn affects their milk yield & health. It need to be fed a organic tonic. ProTone  is a unique liquid  based pro-pre biotic  product .It is acting  as a  stimulant or precursor which  activates  all the enzymes and  hormones, responsible for  normal metabolic reactions, helps animal to grow better.

Product Features

Composition ProTone processed with a consortium of probiotics ,viz,.Saccharomyces cerevisae , L.casei , Lactobacillus planterum, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium thermophilus, Saccharomyces cerevisae, Saccharomyces boulardii with Prebiotics & ethnic medicinal herbs.
Benifits Improves digestibility of Cattle Improve immunity, cope up disease. Improve quality & yield of milk. Improve lactation capacity in ruminants. . Improve fermentation capability in rumen. Improve reproducibility. Safe & Eco-friendly.
Usage & Dosage Pro Tone is recommended to use along with regular feed or drinking water to cow, buffalo, goat & pig. @ 25-50 m l/ lit./ cow or buffalo / day.(15-20 days /month) @ 15-15 ml / lit / goat or pig / day (15-20 days / month).
Packing Size 1 lit, 5 lit., packing are available in HDPE bottle.

Product Description

Protone is a  liquid pro-prebiotic based  liquid product act as a rejuvenator for cattle. ProTone act as a tonic providing multi benefits to the health of cattle & goats. pro & prebiotics of ProTone modulates  the microbiota of animal  intestine, providing  immune & help a better  phys & biochemical status to animal.

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