Though minerals are required in trace amount, still they are indispensible for the normal  physiological & biochemical activities and  leads the  target of better yield & quality of aquaculture.

SynMin is a organic product formulated with mixture of minerals, natural proteins ,herbs, doing a multiple benefits of fishes.

Product Features

Composition Calcium 24% Phosphorus 12% Zinc 9900 mg Cobalt 150 mg Copper 200 mg Iron 5000 mg Magnesium 6000 mg Potassium 100 mg Selenium 10 mg Sodium 5.9 mg Sulphur 0.92 % Manganese 1500 mg Natural Vitamins 0.1 % Natural Proteins 0.5 %
Benifits Improve digestion & Metabolism rate of fish. Reduce stress &mortality rate. Help skeletal formation for fish. Help Fishes to improve immunity. Improve FCR. Help to grow Phyto & Zooplankton
Usage & Dosage SynMin is to be used in pond @ 10 kg -15 kg / Acre / week
Packing Size 10 kg in packing row

Product Description

SynMin provide dual benefits with enrichment of humus to pond soil bed  as well as help  proper digestion of feed  by fishes. It enrich feed with vitamins.

SynMin is recommended to use on any type of inland aquaculture directly as broadcast or by mixing with wate.

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Recommended to apply directly  to common carp &  prawn culture.