Humus content of pond bed is a important factor for aqua farming. Humus content of   soil bed is depleted  continuously & it  need to be replenished   every season with specific supplements . HumiAqua is a unique organic product formulated with Humic & Fulvic acids which are the building block of a fertile pond bed through  nourishing fish as well as micro plants & animals..

Product Features

Composition Humic Acid 8% Fulvic Acid 2% Natural Protein 10% S. cerevisiae (CFU) 100 billion
Benifits Improve soil Fertility of pond bed. Maintain buffering state of pond water. Amino acids help to build up fish body. Help in weight gaining of Fishes. Improve growth of phyto & zooplankton.
Usage & Dosage HumiAqua is to be used in pond @ 5 lit/ acre/ 2 times in season.
Packing Size 5 lit, 25 lit packing are available

Product Description

Humus presence is the indicator for  the growth of  phyto & zooplankton as well as fish health. HumiAqua  is a liquid based organic feed supplement helps aqua farming  with both fish  growth as well as water quality, Product is formulated with natural ingredients like  humic acid, sea weeds, plant based proteins & fulvic acids are the building block of a fertile pond bed, nourishing fish as well as plants.

Recommended to apply directly or as water mixture to aqua pond.


Recommended to apply directly, mix  with water to pond.