FishMate is a synbiotic product, combination of Probiotic & prebiotics . It is a general tonic, provides  a  synergistic effects on fish health. Product  doing a multiple benefits of aqua. It act as a tool indicator  for disease & nutrition management of prawn, exotic  & common carps. It control the water & soil bed quality of pond.

Product Features

Composition Probiotic Microbe consortium - 5% Prebiotic Mix - 10% Chitosan -- 2% Hebal mix extract - 3% Carrier (Powder / water media - 80%
Benifits Improve Digestion & FCR. Strengthen Skeletal bones & chitinolytic activity. Reduce pond deposits at base & convert it to food. Improve BOD & immunity of fish. Enrich pond with vitamins & antioxidants
Usage & Dosage Prawn : 250 ml / 1000sq.Mt./ week Common Carp : 250 ml / Acre/ Fort Night Dose For FishMate powder Common carp ( Seed /Fingerling) 25 gm/1 kg regular feed.
Packing Size 1 lit., 5 lit & 500gm in HDPE bottle & pouches.

Product Description

FishMate is a  powder & liquid organic feed supplement, processed with  prebiotics, useful microbes &  ethnic medicinal herbs   through fermentation process. Fish mate is recommended for prawn ,common & exotic carps.

Member microbes  are ( Lactobacillus sp. Bacillus sp. & Bifidobacterium sp. & prebiotics include  ß-gluten, dietic fiber & chitosan.

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FishMate powder is to be used to commn carp fingerlings to yerlings ( upto 10-25 gm). Fishmate (Liquid ) to be used to prwan & common carp along with regular feed & water.