A number of ecto &  endo parasites, infecting skin, gills, ,even cause  mortality of fishes in intensive aqua  farming. .Argulus, commonly called  as  lice causes disease of  black spots & wounds on fish body. Use of synthetic  means involves  a high mortality & spoil the water quality but organic means prevent the disease causing pathogens without any harm of pond.

LiceKill is a organic herbal preparation with  probiotic bacteria prevent /kill fish parasites as well as help  grow of fish.

Product Features

Composition Microbial load ( Thiobacillus sp. &Lactobacillus sp.) : 5 % Herbal Mix : 10 % Prebiotic Mix : 10 % Mineral Carrier : 75%
Benifits Act against external parasites including Argulus sp. Act as a viridical agent. Improve water quality.
Usage & Dosage Licekill is to be used in pond @ 1-2 kg - / Acre / Season
Packing Size 1 Kg & 5 kg packing are available.

Product Description

LiceKill is a organic & Pro-prebiotic  powder based product to be best use in pond having fishes with parasitic infestion. Any type of infestation by fungus / microbial/ viral   parasites. Product  act as  parasite cleansing agent ,act both, external  and internally.

Recommended to use   directly or mixing with water  to pond of common carp.

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Recommended to apply directly  to common carp.