Doctors SynTone

Commercial Prawn farming often witnessed with disease called  white feces, related to microbial pathogen Vibrio spp. & parasitic protozoa, gregarins. Said disease causes  the breakdown of hepato pancreatic cells, resulted into a  high mortality &  poor yield of prawn.

Doctors SynTone  is a organic feed supplement processed  through fermentation of herbal mix & overcome the challenge of white feces, Herbal part of the product repairing  damage tissues of prawn as well as inhibit the pathogen along with probiotics.


Product Features

Composition Medicinal herbal extract mix : 15% Water Media (carrier) : 85%
Benifits Control the causing harm bacteria & protozoa in intestine Repairing the hepatic cell layers. Improve intestinal gut micro biota with useful microbes. Improve water quality & BOD. killsf harmful microbes & protozoa.
Usage & Dosage Doctors SynTone is to be used in pond @ 500 -1000 lit - / 1000 sq mt. / day
Packing Size 5 lit. packing in HDPE can is available.

Product Description

Synbiotic Organics R&D develop   Doctors SynTone  which is developed through the processing of some medicinal herbal extracts for the control of white faces disease of prawn.

Herbal composition of product help prawn to inhibit disease causing  pathogens. & rebuild the internal cells.

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Doctors SynTone is recommended to apply directly or mix with water to pond with white faces diseased prawn..