Poultry& Aqua body structure  & their produces are mainly  made up with  proteins. Intensive farming in both, need a excess feeding of protein as feed supplement. LacAmin is a organic amino acid based feed supplement. In aqua & poultry, protein is assimilated in body as amino acid.lacAmin is ready to absorb ,build body of aqua & poultry. Product is processed using proteins of plant origins which are fermented with probiotics & converted to amino acids.

Product Features

Benifits Enrich organic amino acids in feeds. Help in digestion & improve FCR of poultry & fish Improve meat quality of poultry & Fish. Supply essential vitamins & antioxidants
Benifits Benifits
Usage & Dosage Aqua (Prawn/ carp) : To be used @ 250 gm / 1000 sq MT / Week Aqua ( Common Carp) : To be used @ 500 gm / Acre / Fortnight Poultry ( Broiler) : To be used @ 50 gm / 100kg with regular Feed Poultry (Layer) : To be used @ 100 gm /500kg with regular Feed
Packing Size 500 gm & 5 kg in HDPE Pack

Product Description

Amino acid plays a vital role for  the body formation  as well as produces ( Meat &  egg) of aqua & poultry. LacAmin  is a fermented product  processed  with natural ingredients, contained vitamins  & antioxidants, essential for normal development  of  poultry & aqua.

LacAmin is recommended to use for broiler & layer.prawn., common & exotic  carps.


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