Micronutrients are regarded as the central elements of enzymes & co-enzymes. Poultry animals are monogastrics & their deficiency often leads to sub-optimal growth with yield of meat & eggs.  NutriPol  is a organic mineral  based feed supplement, composited with  a combination of minerals, natural proteins, herbal mix & phytase.

Product Features

Composition Plant Protein 10% Prebiotics 10% Herbals 12% Mineral Mixture 30% Natural Calcium 25% Natural Phosphorus 12.5%
Benifits Acts as anti microbial agent. . Improves proper nervous system and metabolism. Help for proper metabolism and rapid growth. Helps proper blood & feather development.t Help for bone & muscle formation. Prevents anemia, perosis (leg weakness.
Usage & Dosage For Broiler @ 100 gm NutriPol / 100 kg to be used with regular feed. For Layer @ 50 gm NutriPol / 100 gm to be used with regular feed
Packing Size 1, 5 & 10 kg pickings in HDPE pouch & bags are available.

Product Description

Nutripol  is a powder based  product. Mineral content of product, control the activity of enzyme & phytase help to  release the fixed phosphorous from  corn used in feed, make available  to poultry. Proteins helps poultry to develop body & egg production.

NutriPol is recommended to use as feed supplement mixing with feed for broiler & layer.


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