Proper nutrition & disease management are the key of success in  poultry industry. Chicks are mono gastric & often facing the challenges of microbial infections including nutrition deficiencies. Betterment  of  their metabolism to cope up  common bird diseases could be met with the use of SynPol  a Pro-prebiotic & hebal extract based  feed supplement proved to be a well appraised  general tonic  in poultry industry.

Product Features

Composition Each lit. contains Harbal mix Extract --- 40 % Probiotic mix —5% Liquid filler media --- 55
Benifits Help in digestion & improve FCR. Help to cope up enteric diseases, Help to cope up with Newcastle. Prevent Gout in poultry. Control bronchitis in poultry.
Usage & Dosage To be used @ 2-3 ml/ lit. of drinking water or 1 lit. for 1000 Bird (broiler/ layer).
Packing Size 1 lit. & 5 lit Packing are avaiable in HDPE bottle.

Product Description

SynPol is a excellent organic liquid  product act as a stimulator,  modulating  bird  metabolism.

And  make enzyme system  active  to function properly. Product is processed with  a mixture  of ethnic medicinal plant extracts ,fermented with a consortium of probiotic microbes. Herbal content  work as an antioxidant & probiotic works as the immune agent to the bird

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Recommended to poultry ,Broiler & layer birds as a general tonic